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Review: Goodbye for Now: A Novel by @Laurie_Frankel

Goodbye for Now: A Novel
Goodbye for Now: A Novel by Laurie Frankel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sam Elling is a brilliant computer programmer. Working for a popular internet dating site, he has developed the perfect algorithm that brings together two extremely compatible people. Problem is – he’s so brilliant and so talented with this algorithm that he’s lost his job. What kind of dating site can remain profitable and charge monthly fees of people who’ve so easily found their match?

They don’t, so he’s unemployed.

Luckily, he’s deeply in love with Meredith – a co-worker at the same company, albeit in a different department – and he’ll figure it out. . . eventually.

When Meredith’s beloved grandmother dies suddenly, Sam finds a new outlet for his talents: RePose. An opportunity for those who’ve lost loved ones to reconnect. They use data from video chats, email histories, chat logs, and any kind of saved information that’s retrievable to re-create the person they’d like to connect with.

After a successful launch with Meredith’s “grandmother”, the two set forward to offer peace and closure to the world suffering in grief.

– No technology is perfect, and Sam and Meredith do their best to attack each glitch with grace and respect.
– Not everybody thinks this is a good idea.
– Unexpected (and unforeseeable) consequences emerge when the desperation to keep a connection after a loved one’s gone overrides someone’s good sense (think: parents of very sick children).

But what they never expected was that someone would eventually use this technology for the other.

Sam and Meredith are delicious characters whose stories and connection to each other are developed cleanly and at a very comfortable pace. No technical errors are present, and I am able to lose myself in this story. Emotions run high with empathy for the various grieving characters, and a slight undercurrent of desperation punctuate each sentence.

The end of this story is painful and wrecked with despair, but in a way that ties the entire story together: Do we do our best to circumvent nature with the power of our technology? Or is what’s never meant to last forever best left alone?

Goodbye For Now will be available at bookstores everywhere August 7th.
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The Light Tamer – An Excerpt! – Book Tour

The Light Tamer (The Light Tamer Trilogy)

Jessie moves from New York to North Carolina one week after school lets out for summer break. Her newly single mother and Jessie move in with grandma Gayle. Being a teen in a retirement area is one more thing to add to her ‘this sucks’ list. It’s bad enough to have to move, but even worse, her alcoholic father left them as he went on a quest to be an artist in Greece.

Things begin to look up when she is reintroduced to Caleb, the dorky boy that saved her life one summer at the beach. Caleb is no longer scrawny and nerdy; he is now tall, dark and handsome. Caleb is a Light Tamer.

Jessie and Amber become fast friends. Amber is a no frills girl. Her snarky comments and sassy attitude will raise a few eyebrows and have you laughing out loud. Amber is rough around the edges, a light tamer with only two years left to find the one she is bound to. Her father’s surfing accident left her dad paralyzed and her brother dead.

This paranormal romance will keep you on the edge of your seat with humor, romance, and determination. Fall head over heels for Caleb and Jessie.


“Bound together in light and friendship Jessie. It isn’t a life sentence of uncertainty, we will get through this. We were bound for a reason, together we are stronger. It’s a gift, we protect each other, and we protect a gift. You’re from the original bloodline, which means something. What do the Dark Ones get from you?”

“Ugh, you’re going to be right all the time aren’t you?”

“Good thing you’ve realized that early on,” Caleb flashes me his dimpled grin.

“Sheesh, conceited much?” I say and playfully pinch his arm. “I don’t know what the Dark Ones want, but if they find out about my chazzle ability, it could be bad.” I turn and face him, smiling and say, “You know what happens when I chazzle you,” and winked. “I could make kissing you a chazzle sport,” I say and do my best to wiggle my eyebrows up and down. I take his hand in mine as we walk through the library. “I got a text from Amber asking if we can come rescue her for the night. I’m going to ask my grandma and mom if she can stay over. I’ll probably regret it, but I’m a glutton for punishment.”

“I think she could use a friend, and I’m thinking that just might be you,” Caleb says dramatically and points at me.

And there it is, that moment when like seems too weak a word and love, well… I’ve never felt it before. His concern for his friend makes him even more attractive to me. The struggle between like and love renders me confused. This is the pivotal moment when I know this is more than words can describe.

Slow down, back up, turn around, but don’t fall, I say to myself.

The time we’d spent in the library melted the morning sun into a blazing inferno of heat. Caleb’s car felt like a private sauna, equipped with leather seats to burn away the outer portion of your skin.

“Oh look, the sno-cone cart is here. Let’s grab a snow cone and let the A. C. cool down the car. I don’t want you to get burned on the black interior. Same flavor as last time?”

Awe, he remembers the flavor, how sweet.

“Of course, you think I’m some kind of knucklehead?” Caleb says as he pulls out his plaid Velcro wallet.

We sit on a bench with our sno-cones and try to eat them faster than they melt, unsuccessfully. Just as I’m about to take my last spoonful of melted flavored water, my biggest fear on earth happened. A bee the size of a baseball flew straight towards me, his aim spot on for my face. Before I have the ability to reason rationally, I do what most would do during an attack of a murdering bee. Without thinking, I throw my sno-cone at the bee, which sadly did not hit it. Instead, the triangle cup of lime green water slammed straight into a child no more than ten years old. I hear a blood curdling scream, realizing it was coming from my mouth, and I watch the kid burst into tears. The mother pulled her child to safety from the insane, sno-cone hurdling nut job that is screaming like a banshee. My arms go up in the air and I start flailing them back and forth in hopes of whooping the bee to the ground. I drop my purse and run screaming towards Caleb’s car.

In an instant, I watch as Caleb reaches up into the air and with lightening speed he grabs the bee out of the air. I scream in fear that it’s going to murder my boyfriend, or worse, he is going to bring it over and show it to me. Oh, if he comes near me with that bee, I will kill him myself. The lady and her child are huddled together at the sno-cone cart and a small group of people have stopped walking into the library, to watch the lunatic in the parking lot. I hear someone yelling for him not to do it, to stop and begging God for mercy. Again, I realize it is my voice. This isn’t going very well, I tell myself. Caleb has the bee in his hand and he is shaking his hand back and forth, knocking the bee silly. He opens up his hand, and to my horror it is still alive but very dizzy and it drops to the ground. Caleb’s foot goes stomping onto the bee, in a display of crazed lunacy. He wipes his hands on his pant leg and walks over to me with his hands held out to show me it was gone.

Without inhibitions or fear of public display of affection, I throw my arms around him and thank him with sloppy lime green tongue kisses. Caleb opens up my car door and I sit down with a thump. My boyfriend is the best killer bee murderer, ever.

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#FreeRead @kindle Watcher’s Web by Patty Jansen

Watcher’s Web by Patty Jansen

She’s not your ordinary country girl, even though she might look like one. She casts webs of power, reading the feelings of living beings and telling them what to do. Nobody knows what causes it, least of all her. Her name is Jessica, but most people call her ‘freak’.

One fateful day, her ‘web’ connects with a stranger, and stray power causes the plane in which she’s travelling to crash in an alien world. An accident? The more she discovers about the world in which she has landed, the more she doubts it. She is a survivor from an ancient race that once travelled the stars. Her ancestors were powerful and dangerous, and it seems at least two people want her: the man who invades her mind, and the man who’s desperate to help her get back home. But Jessica grew up an Earth girl, and isn’t having any of this. She’ll pander to no one, thank you very much, even if her stubbornness enrages the tyrant race who hold the world in their grip.

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#Free #Book “Pirates of Savannah Trilogy: Book One, Sold in Savannah” @kindle @nook


Pirates of Savannah Trilogy: Book One, Sold in Savannah
Follow a group of English prisoners as they are sold at auction to the highest bidder. The odd collection of fellows battle inhumane living conditions, sail the salty seas, and fight deadly pirates to try their hand at a new life in General Oglethorpe’s colony of Savannah, GA. Can they escape the stigma of their past and survive in this New World?




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