Book Review: Intelligent Life by Neil Arksey

Intelligent Life
Intelligent Life by Neil Arksey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When you are the “victim” of circumstances where favor is constantly nipping at your heels, you’d assume you’re the lucky one, right?

Not exactly.

Jonathan Higgs Boson is not your typical kid living a typical teenager life. Sure, he’s got the divorced parents – Mom’s overprotective and Dad’s a recovering-sober journalist. He’s got a twin brother who’s the exact opposite of everything Jonathan’s ever been. He goes to school. He has friends. He plays chess. He eats peanuts.

It all started with the darn peanut that was actually a cashew. It almost all ends with the darn peanut that was actually a cashew.

The world of Neil Arksey reminds me so much of Douglas Adams. I tried to resist making this connection as early on in the reading as I did because, c’mon, Douglas Adams! But it persists and it develops and it grows and I feel as gloriously disoriented reading about the evil mastermind Balustrade as I do Zaphod Beeblebrox! In fact, I think they may be cousins.

This book takes you through the fast-paced world of intergalactic shenanigans, inviting you to meet and learn about various fun and lovable characters who are here to get in, get the job done, and get the heck out. Jonathan, a victim of randomness whose odds are ever in his favor, cannot help but save the world, his father, his mother, and his friends.

This book is fun and interesting. I felt a little overwhelmed sometimes with the names and descriptions of characters – I couldn’t keep them straight – but given a few minutes of going back and sorting it out, I kept on track and engrossed in the fun and games of aliens in London.

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