Excellent YA fiction – and no one sparkles…Deck of Lies by Jade Varden

Reviewed by: CharDixon

Wow. It is 4:09 am. My friend Nicole sent me this book to review at 10:21. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought maybe I’d read a little bit of it until I got sleepy. That was about 12:10.

I have just finished the book and as soon as I finish writing this I will be finding the next in the series.

Jade Varden has completely sucked me into this story she is weaving.

What could oh so easily have been just another fish out of water story full of trite and tired cliché is instead a well thought out and cleverly written page turner.

I’m normally a science fantasy and occasional history inspired thriller type (with the occasional historical romance fling) so this isn’t something I would have picked up on my own.

Rain/Chloe is an emotional angsty teenage girl – who happens to have just found out that her parents aren’t her parents, her brother isn’t her brother and nothing else makes sense either in the new life she is dropped into. But she isn’t annoying or over the top. I like her. I would have wanted to be friends with her.

That is the key point that makes this more than just throw away YA fiction. Rain/Chloe seems real and that makes the extraordinary situation and everything that revolves around it work.

Varden has created a fantastic cast of supporting characters as well. They are fully realized individuals not just plot devices or frosting. She also has a knack for throwing in surprises you drop your jaw at but also work.

Jade Varden is an excellent storyteller with a deft hand at flowing prose. The story is compelling and interesting. The reader is drawn in and lead through the book in a journey made seamless by the adroit choice of words and sentence structure.

I was surprised, shocked, upset and angry right along with Rain/Chloe.

I am trying really hard not to give any spoilers away in this review and it is hard. The shocking revelations and intrigue start almost immediately. Who should she trust? What is still being hidden?

If Justice (Deck of Lies #1) is any indication this is going to be an excellent series.

Well done and thank you Jade Varden.

My only suggestion at this point would be to rethink the cover art. The current choice does not do justice to the story within.

It is now 8:33 am and I have read books 2 and 3

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