Lady Eve’s Indiscretion By Grace Burrowes

Grace Burrowes tells a tale that differs slightly from the norm – in that the heroine is not the virginal bride we usually get in these stories. As suggested by the title there has been an indiscretion. 

Lady Eve – a not so subtle reference to the biblical Eve – is a young woman who is afraid of marriage but finds herself in one with Lucas, a Marquis.

I do like that there is already a history between these two characters. This helps to make it more believable when there is love blossoming so quickly between them. The details of Lady Eve’s past are revealed slowly through out the story and it is sad and riveting. The details of her family help to make the entire story more compelling. Unlike many romance writers Burrowes has chosen to have a more realistic family background in which loss has played a prominent role. I found the family dynamics in this book to feel more real than in many others.

Where it gets heavy handed is in the way Eve berates and treats herself over the indiscretion in her past. It doesn’t feel real. There is too much self flagellation and recrimination. The fear makes sense and works but the other does not.

The marquis is a dashing hero – but I promise that at the end of the book you will find yourself wondering why he didn’t just say something sooner – it doesn’t seem like a realistic choice – and it made everything harder for no reason. I’m still questioning that writing choice.


I was provided a free copy of this book for review.

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