The Reluctant Countess by Wendy Vella

As historical romances go this one is not too shabby.

Wendy Vella creates an interesting story with enough layers to keep you interested. Unlike some authors everything is not so predictable as to be given away in the first chapter. It is a self-described Cinderella story – but it does not follow that formula exactly.

The leading lady, Sophie, is slightly more complex than is often found. She has personality and a believable character. Two things which help to make the book an enjoyable read. Her love interest and erstwhile Prince Charming is Patrick who happens to be an Earl not a prince – but Sophie manages to fall in love anyway.

As with many books in this genre one of the weakest elements is the beginning of the romance betwixt the leads. The intense interest and passion suddenly felt with no basis is always hard to believe. While one might be able to accept that there could be an intense purely physical attraction – it is nigh on impossible to believe that with merely a glance at an attractive woman a man feels not only a physical attraction but a soul stirring passion and interest – all the time.

Perhaps that is the problem. Within each book it is supposed to be an amazing event – but as a reader it has been done so many times that it feels trite and overdone before it has really even happened.

Aside from that it was a decent read. Some credible villians add spice and drama in the right places.

I was provided with a free copy for the purpose of reviewing this book.


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