Afternoon of the Elves by Janet Taylor Lisle


Two girls bond over an elf village. Is it real? Are elves real? Is magic real? It could have been enjoyable and surprising, but it wasn’t.
Janet Taylor Lisle seems to have gotten so caught up in the idea of writing a story that is mysterious and relies on the reader’s imagination- that she forgot to actually finish the story. Two girls – one a misfit – sharing this secret elf world. Simple enough. Then she throws in a missing father, a “sick” mother and a disappearance that comes out of no where.
As a reader I was just left feeling bewildered and let down. It wasn’t like a cleverly done story where the reader is left to decide for themselves, but still feels fulfilled. I was just left to wonder why I had spent time reading it.

I think if I was a child reading this I would have been even more frustrated. There were several instances that seemed like they were leading to a real “moments” in the book, but those moments were never realized.

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