#Review: Wool Omnibus (Wool #1-5) by @hughhowey #dystopian

Wool Omnibus
Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Listen, whatever you’re reading – STOP. Put that book down, buy this one and read the hell out of it.

Sometimes I forget how good books can be. I plod through books sometimes, feeling like I’ve read 100 pages when I’ve read only 10. I put the book down and six weeks later remember I am supposed to finish it.

Not this one. Not Wool.

Hugh Howey is an exceptional storyteller. Wool is ridiculously well-written and engaging, all the while desperate, bleak, and suffocating. Trust me – these adjectives all belong together in a single sentence. My husband even says to me, “I can already tell you how this story will go. Everybody THINKS the outside is toxic and uninhabitable, but they’ll come to find out it’s livable..” Not only is my husband WRONG like a wrong person on Wrong Day, but Howey shames him by demonstrating his talents by weaving hope into this dystopian wonderland.

Quick synopsis – in a post-apocalyptic setting, remaining generations of humans and some animals (dogs, bunnies, and rats are mentioned) are existing below-ground in a cylindrical structure buried very very deep into the Earth’s surface. Population control is strict and brutal. For every birth there must be a death. Birth control is implanted in the very-young. Howey has masterfully created a culture and its norms within the walls of the silo, and things are status quo for the reader for only a very short period of time. Things quickly start to unravel, and the wool begins to retreat from their and our eyes…

Read this book, seriously. Begin the journey that is Wool, and you won’t regret it.

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