The Gold Dust Letters by Janet Taylor Lisle


“While searching for her fairy godmother, a young girl uncovers a world of magic” – I wish the books had lived up to the promise that tag line implied.

Three young girls, all friends yet very different, get caught up in the magic of believing there  really are fairy godmothers. Angela, Georgina and Poco (yes that is actually her name) are never fully realized. Each character is left feeling 2 dimensional. There is no depth or realness behind them.

The same is true of the main adult in the story, Angela’s father. He is a flat character whose sudden transformation makes absolutely no sense. We are given no believable background on which the story can play out.

It feels as if the reader has been dropped in the middle of a poorly done elementary school play.

Why does Angela decide to write to a fairy godmother? Why does Poco talk to animals? There are alot of whys that never get answered which adds to the sense of being dropped in the middle of something that no one bothers to explain.

The book also touches on the subject of divorce. But is does so without respecting the intelligence of the children it is written for. It feels like the writer is afraid to actually explore the subject which makes me wonder why she included it.

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