Witch Twins by Adele Griffin


Witches are a hot subject for tween literature. Unfortunately this one doesn’t really stand out.

Claire and Luna are cute. But not very real. For a book that seems aimed at the tween girl market the tone is decidedly childish. The reader is often hit over the head with the lessons the twins are learning.

I have nothing against a story that teaches a lesson or has a moral, I just want it to be done with finesse. And tween girls do not need to have the lesson shoved in their face either. Place it naturally in a well written story and they will get it.

Once again the adult characters in the book suffered from a lack of dimensionality. This seems to be a recurring problem in the YA literature I have read lately. It is like they are caricatures without the humor.

Adele Griffin has a nice concept but hasn’t provided any history for the reader. We have been given no real structure or framework for the witch society she has created. This keeps it from feeling real. There needs to be more explanation and depth to the magic. The whys and why nots, cans and cannots  need to be defined so the reader feels there is a real basis for what happens.

This has potential and could be a decent, if light, tween series.

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