Terminal (Book 6 of Tunnels Series) By Roderick Gordon & Brian WIlliams



I love you and I hate you Roderick Gordon (an your co-conspirator Brian Williams)!
Love you because the “Tunnels” series of books have been one of the most phenomenal series I have ever come across. Notice I don’y say YA series, just series – because this is not merely a YA series. It is a fantastic series for adults.
Hate you because you have said this is the last in that series. And that is just not acceptable.
I discovered the “Tunnels” series by accident one day at B&N. I was just wondering through the kids section looking for new YA series and the cover of the first book caught my eye. I picked it up, went and got a venti passion tea lemonade and sat down to see how it was. 3 1/2 hours later I had finished the first book, was completely hooked, and looking for the next one. And the next one. The first three books were out and I devoured them within 48 hours.
Then came the wait. For the 4th book… and the 5th book… and the 6th book (you know, that supposedly final one). I actually ordered the last 2 directly from Britain so I didn’t have to wait 4 months or more for the U.S. release date.
Terminal – the sixth book. Wow. It picks up right where Spiral left off. Literally. In the middle of a free fall struggle between Jiggs and a Styx limiter. Will and Elliott are still trying to save the world. Chester has gone a bit off his rocker (not that you can really blame him) and at least one Rebecca remains.
Amazing stuff. Finding out more about the Styx was fantastic and threw a couple of curve-balls I wasn’t fully expecting. Hints that had been dropped in the previous books now made sense.
I still thoroughly enjoy the world that has been created. A subterranean world beneath our own and another world below that. Layers upon layers that make sense and pull you into a story that is compelling.
And much like another favorite author, George R. R. Martin, Gordon and Williams have no fear of sacrificing characters for the sake of the story. As a reader it sometimes sucks, of course, but it serves the greater purpose of the story. So, even as my heart, which has become sincerely attached is screaming “Nooooo”, I know I will love the story to follow even more because of it.
If you are confused by any of that then you need to go read the books before continuing.
I mean it. They are unbelievably fantastic books.
And after this point “thar be spoilers” (please read in your best pirate voice for full effect).





Last chance before the spoilers…






If you are still reading I am assuming you have read the book (and the whole series for that matter) or you are one of those sick twisted individuals who doesn’t like to be surprised in a book.
Will and Elliott – I’m still a little heartbroken. I want them to finally be happy after everything… I’m actually still hoping… 7th book? Pretty please?
And Chester? I know it is a more realistic ending – but he had been through so much already – to put him back with Martha – brilliant and heart wrenching.
Did not see the earth as spaceship thing coming at all. But it makes sense and totally sent me trolling through the past books looking for clues and hints that I felt sure I had missed or misinterpreted.

I want – nay – need to know more  of this story.


  • I just finished Terminal too, and I’m so confused! (SPOILERS FROM NOW ON) And so incredbly sad. I was completely sure Will and Elliott would end up living happily together. But Will never even told her he loved her! And she just disappeared, wtf. But the whole Will turning into a styx thing, does that mean he’ll dissapear to the garden too? What happened with Elliott’s plans of escaping to topsoil? Sorry for babbling, haha XD I’m very sure there won’t be a seventh book, as he said several times this is the end. But it feels like a lot of questions were left unanswered…

  • I am holding out hope that the cryptic comment at the end about the stuff left in Will is an opening for a possible continuation.
    I’m hopelessly optimistic like that.

  • I respect the ending for being realistic, it just seemed that after six books, the reader deserved something a little more happy as an ending. It set up a sort of romantic rlasionship between Will and Elliott, which didn’t really go anywhere after the start of the book.

  • Just finished the book ten minutes ago. I so MOTHER FUCKING PISSED *Inner fanboy crying*. After all those pages-NOTHING! NO HAPPEND ENDING! NO CONFESION! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! My day is ruined!

  • I know I’m a little late, but the ending lacked any closure whatsoever. Elliot ending up in inner earth with no way out. Chester dying in an awful way. Earth departing to who the hell knows where. I wanted Chester and Elliot to survive and be with Will, but that isn’t going to happen. I also hated how they just left Jurgen, Werner and Karl. It was a waste of characters. I say that this is one of the best series ever, but has an awful ending.

  • I think the ending closed the main storyline – but you are right it did leave some open ends on many of the smaller storylines.
    Which is why the eternal optimist in me is still hoping for some more to this series 😉
    But one of the things I loved about this series from the start was that there was no happy ending promised and no character was safe. It is part of what made the story more real feeling and compelling.
    Yes – I wanted Will and Elliott to be together – but if I am brutally honest with myself – logically there is no way it could work out at this point in the timeline.
    And I love (and hate) Gordon & Williams for not giving in to fan pressure to force a happy ending where it doesn’t fit.

  • “Force a happy ending?” This is a novel series, not real life. It can end however the author(s) choose. Why leave us unhappy that we gave so many hours to reading a series only to be monumentally disappointed?

  • Ok, the end sucks… The series was amazing, but the way Gordon ends it… well, It was disappointing.After much struggle, defeating the Styx and survive, Will not be infected deserve, and Elliot isolated and locked in the center of the earth. Chester? It did not bother me so much…

  • FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! WHY!?!? At the ending I was BAWLING!!!(and still am) NNNNRAAAAAAAARGH!!!

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