New Lands: The Chronicles of Egg Book 2 by Geoff Rodkey

Egg, Millicent and Guts are back for their next adventure in the second offering from Geoff Rodkey in the Chronicles of Egg.

This adventure is just as quirky and fun as the first. And while their aren’t any field pirates, there are some fun new characters. We also learn quite a bit more about all of our main characters. In particular Guts becomes more of a rounded out real person. Rodkey gives us some beautiful glimpses into Guts’ soul and hints at his past. I can only hope the next installment will answer even more of the questions I have about this intriguing character.

Egg comes into his own more as well. In the first book we began to see him step out from the shadow of his family and their loss. Now we see him start to mature as he accepts the reality of what his family actually was. He finally begins to see his father, brother and sister as they really were – which allows him to shed the heavy weight of his past and begin to move forward. We learn more about the family as well, including a long lost uncle who makes himself known.

Millicent also does a lot of maturing in this book. Rodkey does a credible job of making a believable transition from adoring daughter to skeptical young woman for her. Her inner turmoil at accepting the character of her own father and rejecting that life is amazingly understated yet very present.

OH – and there are natives that want to sacrifice them, rumors of ancient weapons and some transcendental guitar playing. Yes you read that right.

The quirky sense of whimsy that pervaded the first book is just as evident in the second installment. The slightly macabre undertones to some of the scenes is also present. All in all this makes for an exciting read that will take you by surprise and keep you interested.

I was provided a gratis copy of the book for review.

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