Dead Ever After – Charlaine Harris #review

sookieHad I not been reading it on my Nook I would have thrown this book at the wall.

The 13th and final Sookie Stackhouse novel was a complete disappointment. Character choices make no sense. Continuity has left the building.


Now – if you haven’t read the book and don’t want spoilers I suggest you stop reading now.


I usually try to do spoiler free reviews but in this instance I can not explain my profound disappointment in this book without spoiling.





Sookie Loves Eric. Eric loves Sookie. Unless we have entered an alternate dimension it makes absolutely no sense for her to end up with Sam. He is a nice enough guy but he is not her endgame.

Charlaine Harris has spent the last 11 books developing a relationship between Sookie and Eric that is complex and interesting and real. And as a reader I became deeply invested in this relationship.

So when in this last book she decides to for some inexplicable reason turn Eric into some 2 dimensional stereotype of the vampires she created it pissed me off. Abandoning the relationship she had crafted in favor of a cop out pissed me off.

I think Ms. Harris got to a point about ½ way through book 12 when she started thinking “hmm – how do I give Eric and Sookie a happy ending?”

That is her first error. We don’t need a Happily-Ever-After. Human/fairy in love with a Vampire – it is complicated. We get that.

I think she got hung up on having to neatly tie it all up. Does Sookie become a vampire? Does Eric somehow become human? Do they both become trolls? There are a lot of options.

My theory is that she copped-out. She couldn’t decide which way to go with them so she chickened out and decided to go with a safe option. A nice much more human compatible shifter. Someone she can grow old with and die with and have little furry babies with.

Completely ignoring the fact that it makes no sense. Let’s just have Sookie raise him from the dead and that will magically also turn him into the perfect man for her.

But Ms. Harris really underestimated her readers with this one.

We didn’t need that perfect ending – just an ending where Eric and Sookie are together muddling through it like the rest of us.

And what is with the Fairy Claude revenge plot line? Either he is really smart and conniving or he isn’t. You can’t have it both ways. Either way the sheer elaborateness of  it makes no sense for his endgame – a dead Sookie.

Then let’s parade through a whole bunch of characters for no real reason. I like a weretiger as much as the next girl – but what purpose did he serve?

Then we get back to the continuity issues. A full list could be a book. One of the most obvious being that suddenly Sookie can’t hear Shifter or Were thoughts. In the past Sam could actively block her but she could still hear them clearly if he wasn’t. Now suddenly they are just fuzzy abstract concepts.

I am just one voice being added to the many – but I almost wish I hadn’t read it at all. Like many readers I had overlooked the minor continuity issues and occasional weak story or character – because the sum of the parts was worth it.

No more.

I despise the book most for essentially castrating Eric. She stripped the character of every bit of emotional depth and complexity and humanity she had built.

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  • Yeah this is one I’m not reading. I LOVED this series. It’s one of my favorites and I’ve re-read it a few times now and loved it each time. But when I found out this was how she ended it? Nah. She’s not getting my money just to tick me off like this. I’ll just stop before it and have them in their own little happy world like I expected it to be. A real shame she did this. Make you not trust anything else she’ll put out in the future.

    Thanks for your honest opinion on it!

    ~Anna@herding cats & burning soup

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