Celebrity accessibility via Twitter & Facebook – @doctorkarl, @wjdavies, @neilhimself, @orangewriters

Reaching out to interact with those we find wonderful/talented/beautiful/intriguing and having the opportunity to be noticed by them, or even engage with them is exciting, and with the explosion of social media in recent years, those opportunities have expanded. The latest trend of accessibility of those we hold dear who are also well-known is cool.

My own list:


Hugh Howey
Neil Gaiman
WJ Davies
Jason Gurley
Patrice Fitzgerald
Judy Blume
Michael Bunker
Tahlia Newland
Piper Kerman

(gee, no obvious trend there)

    Television Actors / Writers

Wil Wheaton
Marlee Matlin
John Barrowman
Wayne Brady
Shawn Ashmore
Eliza Dushku
The entire cast of Orange Is The New Black
OITNB’s writers

    Science-y Types

Michio Kaku
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

The cast and writers of Orange Is The New Black often have “Twitter parties” scheduled for an hour at a time once a week where fervent fans are given the opportunity to ask questions and have a much higher likelihood of getting a response.

Self-published authors frequently use the interaction of Twitter and Facebook to engage their audience, encouraging loyalty as well as effective word-of-mouth advertising via shares and recommendations. Almost all of my new book purchases come via the recommendations of people I trust, especially the rec’s from authors of other authors THEY like.

Who do you interact with that could be classified as a “celebrity”, be they local, niche, or “in their own mind”?

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