#review – Cyberstorm by Matthew Mather (@PhutureNews) – New York catastrophe.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I got this book (well, I had an inkling given the title and coverart). Gifted to me by a friend, my opinion going into it was, “meh.” I went to goodreads.com and amazon.com to check out the reviews and the premise and it seemed interesting enough.

Set in present day New York, we’re presented with a chain of events that isolate New York from the rest of the world. You have 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, and now this…

We follow two sets of families that are neighbors in an apartment complex as the shit hits the proverbial fan. As I kept reading, I kept thinking, “Ok, get to the nitty gritty of it all! What’s going on here!?” But instead, it became a development of themes: family, survival, and community (or lack thereof). Chapter by chapter I was left with thinking, “What would I do? Can I do what they did?”

Clocking in at 353 pp, it’s a quick read given the prose. For me, it reads like a screenplay (take that as you will); everything is straightforward and to the point. The prose was not nearly as elaborate as when I was reading, “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”, but what can you do? Everyone has their own writing style and what’s important is how you feel (hopefully something) by the end of the novel.

The ending of the novel could have gone one of several ways. In the end I would have been satisfied with any of the various scenarios that it could have gone, given the build up. With “Cyberstorm” it’s all about the journey.

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