#BookReview: Yesterday’s Gone: Season One by @thedavidwwright and @seanplatt

Yesterday's Gone: Season One
Yesterday’s Gone: Season One by Sean Platt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You woke up this morning and something seemed a little…. off. You didn’t hear the hum of the cable box or the little click the refrigerator would make every 15 seconds. Your cell phone didn’t charge up all the way.

Oh yeah.. And your family is gone.

What the hell is happening?

Well, this is the premise of Yesterday’s Gone by Sean Platt and David Wright, whose serialized hit turned into a novel. I both read the Kindle edition of this book and listened to the audiobook companion available at Audible.com.

There was an element of cliche with the some of the characters in this book. Boricio was the serial killer psychopath with an over-abundance of testosterone — say beer-battered bullshit just one more time. Luca was a saccharine sweet clairvoyant child whose metaphoric “sad spiders” thing irritated. Most of the characters were pretty original and solid, though.

So, anyway, back to the thick of it… This Season is the immediate aftermath of something that’s caused most people on the planet to disappear. Only a handful of people are left, and we see the survivors find each other. The story hops from person’s perspective to person’s perspective, infuriatingly when the story gets good, but that just kept me reading when I could and turning on the audiobook as soon as I got in my car every day.

This book really was overall very enjoyable. It is taking the long way around as far as character development and plot velocity, but as it was born for a serialized experience, it may just have a different feel in novel form.

I recommend this book for the consumption factor alone.

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