Wayward by Blake Crouch – a Wayward Pines #2 Book Review

Wayward by Blake Crouch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Following my finishing of Pines, I was lucky enough to have the e-copy of Wayward ready to go. I dove in and consumed this book almost as quickly as I did Pines. The pace of this book is incredible and it’s a fun read. I never felt it a chore to continue.


Now that Ethan Burke is Wayward Pines’ Sheriff, we get a bit more in-depth view of the inner workings of this mysterious place. We see the origins and the heartbreak of the deep sleep. We see the dark and twisty parts of betrayal and fear. The depth of darkness in Wayward Pines will surprise you.

As a reader, I’m constantly questioning the decision Pilcher made to off Pope and bring Burke into the position of Sheriff. Burke is a wildcard whose termination is in effect and Pilcher chooses to put him in the position of power in the town? There’s a lot of strife and unrest within Ethan as he navigates his new position.

But he tries, or he gives the appearance of trying. He reads the reports on the various citizens of Wayward Pines and follows the orders of Pilcher when they’re handed down.

But then the slow unraveling of another intricate layer of tapestry begins and Ethan learns what motivates Pilcher, and how far he’ll go to protect his creation and the way of life those within have become accustomed to.

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