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Review: Latter-Day of the Dead by @kevinkrohn


If I had to describe this book in two words I would probably use creepy and page-turner.

I have to say I wondered towards the beginning if Kevin Krohn was a Mormon.  Not only a Mormon, but of the Fundamentalist variety.  When he contacted me to do the review, he gave me the basic premise of the book, and I can’t say that I had any idea the depth and breadth of knowledge this author would have for a condemned lifestyle so far out on the fringe.

The feeling of desperation I had for the characters living within this compound before the zombies even become an issue blindsided me.  Kevin has wonderful style of storytelling that didn’t even need to “bring me in” to where his characters were living, he actually wove the story around me.  Can I make that make sense to onlooker (onreader?)? Not likely, so when you read the book, take note – you’ll look around and wonder how you got pulled in so fast.

Our protagonist, Brother Elias, is a very young man, albeit the compound’s doctor, whose whims and wishes match that of a kid his age, while his wisdom and faith go decades past.  He is a shining star in comparison to the feeble (but mostly sweet) minds of so many of the compound’s inhabitants.  We’re there with him when his heart is full, nearly immediately broken, and then watch as he tries to do the right thing even though the “captain of the ship” town prophet isn’t man enough to do it himself.

The zombie gore is delicious (too soon?) and being a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I’m not lying when I say I hope this goes the direction of film – a hope that is encouraged by the book having its own video trailer.  I found myself wincing in a many spots, and downright covering my eyes in others.  Having no visuals to elicit that reaction in me is a testament to the skill of this author.

At the end of the book I kept looking down at the progress bar and feeling very apprehensive and even a little anxious that the content was running out while the action and intensity was heating up.  At the end I literally said out loud, “You did not end it there.”

Kevin, kudos to you.  More, please.

Rating (5/5):

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