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The Importance of Being Wicked – by Victoria Alexander

I wanted to like this based on the title alone “The Importance of Being Wicked”… a play on one of my favorite plays about a guy named Earnest. Alas it was not to be.

Victoria Alexander fails to draw me in or create a story that I can invest in. The concept is charming enough, it just doesn’t go anywhere. It is hindered greatly by awkward conversations and a generally pedantic feel to the writing.

And then there is the word “wicked”… I was ready to scream every time I read it by the middle of the book. At times it seemed as if the author had no other descriptive word to use. And in using “wicked” so much it seems to lose any meaning or impact at all. It becomes a silly throw away word.

Our erstwhile lovers are Miranda and Winfield. Neither one ends up being overly compelling and since there is no dangerous situation or shadowy intrigue to form the plot this is a problem. There is no compelling dynamic between them.

Winfield spends most of the book coming across as a pompous misogynist who appears clueless the majority of the time.

Miranda seems to be 2 different people and not in the choosing to show 2 different sides kind of way. It honestly feels at times like she was perhaps 2 different characters combined into 1 for some unknown reason. The idea that a woman who can create detailed and well done plans for houses including new modern plumbing and electricity would somehow be completely clueless as to the financial situation of her business but still have the foresight to put aside money for her employees – it just doesn’t ring true.

There just seemed to be no there there.


I was provided a free copy for review.