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Review: Rust & Salt by Evan Brandon Bruno

Rust & Salt
Rust & Salt by Evan Brandon Bruno

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Rust & Salt began invading my dreams right about at the halfway mark.

In the beginning, this book was a gathering of the ingredients for a new recipe. A slow, methodical, careful introduction to all of the components that would later result in a delicious feast. We learned about each character and their strengths and weaknesses. We learned about the characters’ connections to each other, and how deep or shallow the individual connections were. This process took up a good portion of time leading up to the action, and once you get there – you’re glad Bruno took the time to develop everybody in the manner he did.

I’m a bonafide agnostic. I don’t think I expected the Biblical force that would pack a punch in my general direction while reading. But there it was, completely bare and honest in front of me without feeling preachy or judgmental. There is a lot of reference to Heaven and Hell, angels and demons, light versus dark, etc, so do go into this book understanding the basic premise. As an agnostic, I am typically leery of subject matter that might have a strong tendency to judge those of us who are not “on the same page”, but Rust & Salt avoids anything resembling judgment. In fact, a passage stands out to me, even now, where Amarillo Rust speaks to the little sliver of “but what if it’s all nothing?” that exists in all of us, and boy do I appreciate that. So while this author is clearly writing from a perspective I can all but assume I understand, I felt really comfortable with the overall story. I consumed this story! I wanted more!

But be prepared for the dreams.

As I stated initially, the dreams hit me as the action increased. I don’t dream about books that I’m reading too often, and Rust & Salt has been terrifying me for at least the past week. The imagery and Bruno’s incredible skill in sharing description with the reader will sink its teeth directly into your brain and never let go. His prose is truly excellent in its ability to flow to you, the reader, for your immediate comfort and consumption.

I am excited that there seems to be more in the works in this series. Hook a sister up, I’ll be reading!

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