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Consuming The Walking Dead! Just Can’t Get Enough.


I think I’m an introvert at heart.

Sure, sure, I am capable of socializing and engaging with people, and rather well… but give me the option, and I will sit with myself and think (and think) and think (and think) about a whole bunch of things.  Every once in a while, I get stuck on something and I truly pour my heart and soul into it.  I research and I “network” all about these topics.

When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, I researched for hours.  I linked up with people whose young children were going through treatment or had gone through treatment similar to my daughter’s and I read and read.  When I was pregnant for the second time after a cesarean section with my first, I drove myself, my husband, my family, and my friends absolutely batshit with my inability to stop. talking. about it.

My current mental obsession?  AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Man, I love this show.  It is hands-down the goriest visual entertainment I have ever experienced … and it’s on basic cable!  I’m terrified by it, I am stressed out by it, and I am fascinated with it.

Given that zombies are not real, each show or book on the topic is required to set up its own rules and its own lore.  I’m one of those sticklers for accuracy.  Those annoying people that says, “Wait, if they’re not able to figure out how to open a door, how did that one just get inside?” and then I go online and I seek out others who’ve found the same holes that I have, and then we fanwank.

At the moment, my two favorite places for both fanwank, continuity, digging deeper into plotholes, etc, are:

TelevisionWithoutPity Forums, and Roamers & Lurkers

Are there any other forums out there you know of for The Walking Dead?  Do you participate with others regarding your favorite shows?

The Walking Dead Quiz at Smarterer.com [a bzzagent post]

Proving you know what you claim to know is paramount to a lot of online chest-puffers.  Facebook statuses (statusii?) and Twitter are abuzz with quiz results – people sharing the depth and breadth of their knowledge on everything from 80s trivia (You Know You’re a Kid From The 80s When…) to sussing out which Twilight Character you really, truly are – deep down inside!

I’m a BzzAgent and one of my latest campaigns is checking out Smarterer.com – a one-stop shop for quizzes bursting at the seams to show your friends what you know.

I was honestly surprised this morning when I went back to the site for yet another round of quizzing and found there was no quiz for my favorite show: The Walking Dead. Aghast, I took the opportunity to go ahead and create the quiz myself.  Please, go check it out!  Add some questions if you’re a Walking Dead fan.  Take the quiz!  There are only three questions so far, but as I plug along during the day I’ll be adding more.

So get over to Smarterer.com and show what you know!  Create some new quizzes, share them on Facebook and Twitter, and be the smartest and shiniest star of all your friends.