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I’m a brand new blogger – how do I extend my reach?? [@Triberr]


Breaking into the blogosphere is intimidating.  You’ve got established bloggers who’ve got huge numbers of followers, their own TV shows born of their blogs, and nearly every celebrity with a website has a blog of some sort.

How can I ever hope to make a dent?

You’re lucky, ’cause I’m about to tell you a secret:  Triberr.  Now, you hold on to that name, keep it somewhere safe and warm, and tell everybody you know all about it.

Let me break this down:

Triberr is a networking powerhouse.

  • You link up via “tribes” with other people who share interests (and blog posts) similar to yours – momblogs, cooking, technology, gardening, anything.
  • Each of my tribesmates brings to the Triberr table their own set of Twitter followers.  This adds up fast!
  •  When your tribesmates post a new blog post, you tweet it out to your followers, as do the other members of the tribe.
  • As an example, I’m a new blogger, and I only have 191 followers on Twitter.  Thanks to the magic of Triberr, my blog posts are being re-tweeted to a potential audience of nearly 100,000.  That’s an incredible explosion of audience potential

– Innovations & Webinars

Triberr is making changes that are sure to effect Blogging As We Know It ™.

  • They’ve created via a plug-in the ability for your tribesmates to re-blog your content, thrusting your content into syndication, and exploding your reach potential.
  • They’ve created the Triberr Global Commenting System, which brilliantly assembles all of the comments from all of the syndicated posts all over the internet in ONE pretty, concise place.  The author has a powerful, simple way to keep track of all feedback, regardless of how far and wide their post has spread.
  • Comment Anywhere (Floating Comment System) – wow, this one is cool.  For someone like me who is eager to leave comments the minute I see something that resonates with me, this system is beautiful.  A picture will help you visualize how this might be implemented.
  • Pinterest Integration – here’s something new and fresh.  Pinterest is quickly gaining ground as an untapped marketing goldmine for people who know how to utilize it.  Sure, the pictures are hilarious, the food looks delicious, and the organizational ideas are neverending, but can you imagine earning money using it?  Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo (the masterminds behind Triberr) are hosting a Webinar on how to get in on the ground floor of the earning potential of Pinterest & Your Blog.  http://triberr.com/blog.php?post=29563
      • How to Pinterest for Bloggers
      • Drive traffic, build authority, connect with influencers, and make money on the fastest-growing social media site today.
      • April 3rd 11:00am-1:00pm Eastern Time
      • $25 (or 350 bones)
      • Registration Status: OPEN


  • Just get started on Triberr.com.  There is no upfront cost.  In fact, you start out with a gift of 100 “bones” (Triberr currency used to join tribes and various other tasks) so that you can jump right in.
  • If it’s easier, let me know and I can invite you straight in.  All I need is your Twitter handle or your email address.  I’m @twistysense on Twitter.

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